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                Advisory telephone:010-58464223
                24-Hour Hour Hotline:13120025230
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                Company profile

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                  Beijing sanlian trust consulting co., LTD., is registered with the administrative department for industry and commerce, approved by the state for the record of the ISO certification consultancy, approved scope: quality management system certification consulting environmental management system certification consulting, occupational health and safety management system certification consulting, automotive industry quality management system certification consulting, energy management system certification consulting, etc. Approval no. : CNCA - Z - q - 2010-01, 103

                  Relying on Beijing certification and inspection agencies, to help enterprises solve the trade barriers, improve the management level; Improve the image of the enterprise and management performance; Enhance the enterprise competitive ability for the purpose, adhere to the "professional integrity, rigorous, efficient, continuous improvement, more satisfied" the quality policy, carrying out the enterprise certification consulting training work. The company promises: a cooperation, lifelong service.

                  Sanlian trust has a certain background of professional support groups, and business management aspects of a number of experienced experts, scholars, and many aspire to young elite enterprise management consulting, most researchers had professional academic group successful enterprises, domestic and international famous certification bodies and consultancy work background.

                  Sanlian trust specializes in management system certification consulting; A variety of products at home and abroad and mark certification consulting; Other enterprise management consulting, there are many successful cases.

                  Sanlian trust unique perfect consulting service method, can make the enterprise in the shortest possible time into the least amount of manpower and material resources; In the shortest possible time to obtain satisfactory results.

                  Sanlian trust cooperation with many famous certification body, can meet the certification requirements of enterprises, domestic or international system certification