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                Introduction to 1.ISO9001 standards The ISO9000 standard is a worldwide standard for quality management and quality assurance, issued by the international organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1987. ISO9001 refers to the third party quality system certification (certification authority) audit, the enterprise quality system assessment and registration activities, its purpose is through the audit, evaluation and supervision afterwards to prove the quality of enterprise system conforms to the ISO9001 standard, all awarded the certificate of activities to meet the requirements of the standard and to be registered. 2., access to certification should have the conditions Should have the corresponding qualifications (such as business license, organization code, relevant national administrative examination and approval qualification or industry qualification), with relevant facilities and resources, can carry out normal business activities. Able to provide records of business activities for more than three months. 3. certification procedures Certification Advisory stage: after the signing of the contract, our company will send Advisory teacher to business research, determine the enterprise certification intent, to help companies determine the organization and division of responsibilities and authority, system coverage, establishment and perfect the system of document authentication required, related to the enterprise personnel training, and guide the enterprises run by the file system requirements, and help enterprises to carry out certification application. Certification audit stage: sent by the certification body auditors, check to the enterprise in accordance with the standards for certification and enterprise system rules for enterprises to apply for certification scope of activities, the key is to verify the certification documents and preparation of enterprises and records, inspection report issued by the certification institution certificate. 4. benefits of implementing ISO9001