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                CE: CE mark is a "pass" for products entering eu countries and eu free trade association national market. Any provision of the new method (instruction) involved products, products of both outside the European Union and the European Union member states, to free circulation in the eu market, before the eu market, must comply with the instructions and related coordination standard requirements, and labeled with CE. This is a mandatory requirement of eu law for related products, which provides a uniform minimum technical standard for the trade of products in European markets and simplifies trade procedures. CE is the Latin abbreviation of "ec", and CE is in Conformity with European (Demand), so CE is chosen as the product symbol of the European union. 
                Two semicircle CE, minimum height: 5mm 
                CE mark - "passport" for opening European markets 
                The "CE" sign must be attached to the free circulation of the eu market, whether it is produced by an internal eu enterprise or a product produced by a third country. CE "mark is considered a manufacturer to open the European market" passport ", always with "CE" logo products can domestic sales in the European Union members, not accord with the requirement of each member, so as to realize the free flow of goods. 
                Get the CE certificate program 
                - applicant or enterprise contact with our international certification and standards department; 
                - application form for inspection/certification (the application form can be obtained from our international certification and standards department, or download), and provide the information requested in the table; 
                - after the application and data are confirmed by the project engineer, the international certification and standards department shall make inspection plans for the customers and sign the contract; 
                - inspection of product samples; 
                - check qualified, we issue the corresponding test report and CE certificate, if the test result is unqualified, inform the enterprise to rectify 
                - instruct the enterprise to prepare the hardware and software. 
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