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                CCC product Certification: the name of the Certification mark is "China Compulsory Certification", which is abbreviated to "CCC" or "3C". The certification mark is a proof of the product's permission to sell, import and use in the catalog. China compulsory certification (CCC) mark is according to the regulations on compulsory product certification (the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of the People's Republic of China to 5), the national certification and accreditation supervision and management committee, to national compulsory execution of the involved products safety certification. 
                There are 19 categories of compulsory certification (CCC), and 132 products are included in the first batch of compulsory implementation. 
                - wire cable (5 kinds) 
                - circuit breaker and protection or connection with electrical appliances (6 kinds) 
                - low voltage electrical appliances (total 9) 
                - small power motor (1 kind) 
                - power tools (16 types) 
                - welding machine (15 kinds) 
                - household and similar equipment (18 types) 
                - audio and video equipment (excluding radio and audio equipment and car audio equipment) (16 kinds) 
                - information technology equipment (12 kinds) 
                - lighting equipment (2 kinds) 
                - telecommunications terminal equipment (9 types) 
                - motor vehicles and safety accessories (4 types) 
                - motor vehicle tires (total 3) 
                - safety glass (3 kinds) 
                - agricultural machinery products (1 species) 
                - latex products (1 species) 
                - medical device products (7 kinds) 
                - fire products (3 kinds) 
                - safety technology protection products (1) 
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