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                Internal auditor training

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                [project introduction] 
                The internal auditor is the professional talented person who implements the management system and product logo certification within the enterprise. It can be fully exposed to all aspects of the organization's internal management system and plays a key role in it. They often become the target of managers' key training. Familiar with certification standards in our country, be familiar with the skills of internal auditors professionals scarce, and each authentication enterprise needs at least two internal assessors, for some to have a job or change jobs, have a by CCAA "internal auditor qualification certificate" issued by the authorized institution, in the job opportunity and development space will be more broad. 
                [certificate category] 
                Management system certified auditor 
                1. Internal auditor of quality management system (ISO9001) 
                2. Internal audit of environmental management system (ISO14001) 
                3. Internal auditor of occupational health and safety management system (GB/T28001) 
                4. Internal audit of food safety management system (HACCP/ISO22000) 
                5. Internal auditor of automobile industry quality management system (ISO/TS16949) 
                6. Internal auditor of medical device industry quality management system (ISO13485) 
                7. Internal auditor of laboratory accreditation system (ISO17025) 
                8. Internal auditor of information technology service management system (ISO20000) 
                9. Internal auditor of information security management system (ISO/iec 27001) 
                10. Internal auditor of hazardous material management system (QC08000/POHS) 
                11. Internal auditor of aviation foundation quality management system (AS9100) 
                12. Internal auditor of telecom industry quality management system (JC9000), etc 
                Product and logo certified internal auditor 
                1. Chinese compulsory product certification internal auditor (CCC) 
                2. China quality certification center voluntary product certification internal auditor (CQC) 
                3. Certified internal inspectors of organic products 
                4. Environmental sign certification internal auditor, etc 
                [training object] 
                Senior high school degree, interested in management system and product logo certification, interested in and engaged in related work. 
                [training mode] 
                Online training (online registration, login, payment, online learning, online examination) 
                Face-to-face training (open class, internal training) 
                (note: our company provides practical training: 1. Training teachers can go to the actual guidance of the enterprise. 2. Arrange students to follow the consultant to other enterprises for the second party audit. 
                Test mode 
                According to the requirements of CCAA, the online examination and on-site examination can be selected. 
                [certificate enquiry] 
                Certificate of accreditation of CCAA and relevant institutions issued by qualified candidates, certificate of national recognition, enterprise recognition and national networking enquiry. 
                Perennial receive registration, students can be found at the above website online registration, you can also send E-mail, QQ online registration and telephone registration, when signing up, please mail id photocopy a (old) on both sides of id is positive, the new id card, one inch bareheaded photos, 2. 
                [contact information] 
                Telephone: 15611038131 
                The true: 010-57572906 
                Contact person: Mr. Li 
                Mail box: 2355513267 @qq.com 
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