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                Second party auditor

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                [project introduction] 
                China enterprise certification enterprise, comprehensive certification consulting and certification audit experience for many years, at the same time reference for the automotive industry, aerospace industry second side on the successful experience of management control, to the ISO9001:2008 standard as the main body, fully consider the various elements in the process of organization and management development of the project. 
                [certificate category] 
                This course will issue an internal auditor certificate or a certificate issued by the training commission. 
                [training object] 
                The plan is to conduct two party audit organizations, interested in the second party auditor, engaged in or want to engage in the audit of the two parties 
                [training mode] 
                Face-to-face training (open class, internal training) 
                Perennial receive registration, students can be found at the above website online registration, you can also send E-mail, QQ online registration and telephone registration, when signing up, please mail id photocopy a (old) on both sides of id is positive, the new id card, one inch bareheaded photos, 2. 
                [contact information] 
                Telephone: 15611038131 
                The true: 010-57572906 
                Contact person: Mr. Li 
                Mail box: 2355513267 @qq.com 
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