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                1. Iso 14001 environmental management system introduction 
                ISO14001 environmental management system (EMS) was part of the whole management system, used to formulate and implement its environmental policy, and management of the environmental factors, including to develop, implement, implement, review and organization needed to keep the environment policy and planning activities, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources. ISO14001 is the international organization for standardization (ISO) in 1996 formally promulgated the purpose can be used for the certification of international standards, is the core of the ISO14000 series standard, it requires that the organization through the establishment of environmental management system to support environmental protection, pollution prevention and continuous improvement goals, and by the third party certification body certification forms, to prove to the world the conformity of the environmental management system and environmental management level. Because the ISO14001 environmental management system will lead to saving energy and reducing consumption, enhance enterprise competitiveness, to win customers, trust in the government and the public, and many other advantages, so from the date of release for a quick to the positive response of the large enterprises, was seen entering the international market "green pass". At the same time, due to the promotion and popularization of ISO14001 on macro can rise to coordinate the relationship between economic development and environmental protection, improve the environmental protection consciousness, promote the conservation and promote technological progress, and so on, so also more and more attention by the governments and the general public. 
                2. Obtain the conditions for certification 
                Relevant qualifications (such as business license, organization code, relevant state administrative examination and approval qualification or industry qualification) should be equipped with relevant facilities and resources to carry out normal operation activities. Can provide a record of operation activities for more than three months. 
                Such as construction and management have obvious effects on the environment of industry (most productive industry) should have the environmental assessment report, and configured according to the requirement of the evaluation report environmental protection facilities, and through the acceptance of local environmental protection department, such as the construction and management of environment have an impact on a small industry (part of the productive sector), should register for the environmental impact and the local environmental protection department for approval. 
                3. Procedures for certification 
                Generally, the process of obtaining certification is divided into two phases. 
                Certification consultation stage: after the signing of the contract, our company will send consulting the teacher to the research of the enterprise, to determine the enterprise certification intent, help enterprises to determine the organization and responsibilities purview division, system coverage, and the establishment and perfect the system of certification required documents, to the enterprise staff related to training, and guide enterprises to run according to the requirement of the system documents, and help enterprises to carry out certification application. 
                Certification audit stage: auditors sent by certification bodies, to the enterprise according to the regulations of the certification standards and enterprise system documents of enterprise activities the certification scope of inspection, the key is to verify the situation of the enterprise and prepare the certification documents and records, inspection certificate report end certification institutions. 
                4.ISO14001 brings benefits to enterprises 
                "Green pass" for international trade 
                Enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and expand market share 
                Build a good corporate image 
                Improve product performance and make "green products" 
                Reform process equipment to realize energy saving and reducing consumption 
                Pollution prevention, environmental protection 
                Avoid economic losses caused by environmental problems 
                Improve employees' environmental quality 
                Improve the level of internal management of enterprises 
                Reduce environmental risk and realize sustainable operation of enterprises 
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