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                1. Introduction of occupational health and safety management system 
                GB/T28001 occupational health and safety management system (OHSAS18001) is in the world in the late 1980 s modern safety production management mode, it with standards such as ISO9001 and ISO14001 management system shall be called after the industry epoch-making management methods. GB/T28001 (OHSAS18001) standard is currently the only OHSAS standard can be used for third party certification, this standard provides a structured organizations operating mechanism, help organizations to improve production safety management, to promote occupational health and safety and continuous improvement. 
                2. Actively promote the necessity and urgency of occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS) certification 
                (1) the security production situation in China is grim 
                With the rapid development of China's economy, increasingly serious production safety situation in China, all kinds of casualty amount is larger, always high, heavy, major accidents, occupational disease patients also gradually increased. 
                (2) China has accelerated the pace of legislation on occupational safety and health, and has been more and more stringent on the safety production of enterprises 
                In recent years, our country has a large number of production safety regulations, especially in 2001 and 2002 successively promulgated the "safety production law" and "occupational disease prevention law" puts forward a mandatory regulations on safe production requirements and standards. 
                (3) "people-oriented, pay attention to the health and safety of employees" has become an important symbol and a good image of modern enterprises. 
                To sum up, the organization (enterprise) only by establishing a systematic, standardized management system, in accordance with the relevant regulations, whole process of hazard source identification and control, to achieve continuous improvement, continue to obey the law. 
                3. Obtain the conditions for certification 
                Should have the corresponding qualifications, (such as business license, organization code, relevant state administrative examination and approval of qualification or trade qualification, safety production license, etc.), have the relevant facilities and resources, can operate normally. Can provide a record of operation activities for more than three months. 
                Such as the construction and management of occupational health and safety of the employees to significantly affect the industry part (high-risk industry) should have a safety assessment report, and configured according to the requirement of the evaluation report occupational health protection facilities, and through the place where the acceptance inspection, the administrative department of the recent serious production safety accidents. 
                4. Procedures for certification 
                Generally, the process of obtaining certification is divided into two phases. 
                Certification consultation stage: after the signing of the contract, our company will send consulting the teacher to the research of the enterprise, to determine the enterprise certification intent, help enterprises to determine the organization and responsibilities purview division, system coverage, and the establishment and perfect the system of certification required documents, to the enterprise staff related to training, and guide enterprises to run according to the requirement of the system documents, and help enterprises to carry out certification application. 
                Certification audit stage: auditors sent by certification bodies, to the enterprise according to the regulations of the certification standards and enterprise system documents of enterprise activities the certification scope of inspection, the key is to verify the situation of the enterprise and prepare the certification documents and records, inspection certificate report end certification institutions. 
                5. Benefits to enterprises 
                - reduce the occupational health and safety risks of business operations 
                - reduce casualties and occupational diseases 
                - enhance corporate image 
                - increase employee motivation and security 
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