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                1.ISO/TS16949 standard introduction 
                The ISO/TS16949 automobile industry quality management system, which is the technical specification of the international automobile industry, is based on ISO9001 and has been added to the technical specification of automobile industry. This specification is completely consistent with ISO9000, but it is more focused on defect prevention and reduction of the quality fluctuation and waste in the automobile parts supply chain. ISO/TS16949 standard targeted and applicability is very clear, only applies to automotive oems and its direct spare parts manufacturer, that is to say, the manufacturer must be directly related to production of car, can carry out processing and manufacturing activities, and through this activity enables products value-added. At the same time, for the qualification certification company factory also has the strict limit, only those who have support function units, such as design centres, corporate headquarters and distribution center, etc., or those to the vehicle manufacturer or the manufacturer of auto spare parts manufacturers manufacturing equipment and tools, cannot be certified. Management of the ISO/TS16949 certification is done by IATF, process them using the same method to monitor the operation and implementation of ISO/TS16949 specification, to form a standard all over the world and completely unified system operation. 
                2. Conditions for the enterprise 
                ISO/TS16949 certification registration is only applicable to automobile factory and its direct spare parts manufacturer. These factories must be directly related to the production of cars, with processing and manufacturing capacity, and the products must eventually be used in cars. 
                Enterprises must operate normally and possess relevant qualifications such as: business license, CCC (if required), and must have at least 12 months 'production and quality management records. 
                For a newly established processing facility, a review can also be conducted if there is no record of 12 months. The certified company may issue a letter conforming to the requirements of the specification if it meets the requirements of the quality system specification. After a 12-month record, the certification audit is registered. 
                3. Procedures for certification 
                It is basically the same as iso 9001 certification, but the time of forensics is relatively long and the audit is more rigorous. 
                4. The benefits of certification 
                - avoid duplicate certification of enterprises 
                - integrate the quality requirements of automobile suppliers and propose a unified global quality system approach 
                - strengthen quality management and reduce production deterioration 
                - focus on defect prevention and reduce the quality fluctuation and waste that are easy to produce in auto parts supply chain. 
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