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                Advisory telephone:010-58464223
                24-Hour Hour Hotline:13120025230
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                13120025230                  13020001001
                010-58464221                010-58464223
                Fax:010-58464221 Address:北京市通州區綠地中央廣場二期1501室 

                JHF building materials (jiangxi) co., LTD

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                  JHF building materials (jiangxi) co., LTD belongs to jian-hua yu pipe pile holdings co., LTD., founded in 2010 in nanchang city in jiangxi province. Company is mainly engaged in production, sales, the prestressed concrete pipe pile.

                  Company located in the place of products cover sales and service outlets, set up the mechanism of personnel tracking, in line with the "user first, credit first" business purposes and "do not hurt workers, do not harm customer interests, do not harm suppliers" of the three principles, carry forward the "truth-seeking, pragmatic, efficient, participate in market competition" spirit of enterprise, continue to use high-quality JHF pipe pile to maximize meet customer needs.

                  Companies adhere to the "people-oriented, laissez-faire" enterprise management philosophy, to "walk the right path, responsible, in the heart have others" of the enterprise culture core idea for pointer, and to realize the new span to create new brilliance!

                  JHF building materials (jiangxi) co., LTD., entrust my company to apply for ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSA18001 occupational health management system certification, has passed the on-site audit.

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