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                Beijing digital and easy technology co., LTD

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                  Beijing digital and easy technology co., LTD. (CAXA) is China's leading CAD and PLM software vendors, with completely independent intellectual property rights of series of CAD, CAPP and CAM, DNC, PDM, MPM and other software products and solutions, covering the four major fields of design, process, manufacturing and management, the company's customers cover aerospace, machinery equipment, automobile, electronic appliances, construction, education and other industries, 30000 companies, including China top 500 manufacturing, as well as the well-known colleges by 3000. CAXA was named 2008 industry outstanding enterprises, zhongguancun hundred innovative pilot enterprises, has won the Chinese contribution to the design gold medal, China's software industry for 20 years "golden software" award, China top ten innovative software products, etc.

                  Beijing digital and easy technology co., LTD., entrust my company to apply for ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, has passed the on-site audit.