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                Beijing all technology co., LTD

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                  In May 29, 2001, the establishment of BBEF registration, the establishment of the name for the Beijing BBEF digital broadcast television Limited by Share Ltd.2004, Beijing all digital radio and television Limited by Share Ltd officially changed its name to Beijing North Polytron Technologies Inc.

                  Television transmitting equipment, products involved in the field of wireless transmission and matching, FM, shortwave radio transmitting equipment, wireless communication equipment, microwave transmission equipment, antenna and tower equipment, cable television equipment, development and production of audio and video equipment. All kinds of radio transmitting power level from 1W to 2000kW, the working frequency from the long wave, medium wave has been the microwave about more than 250 varieties.

                  As a pioneer in Chinese TV equipment industry, BBEF created the three milepost of TV history equipment in China: China's first black and white TV transmitters manufactured in 1958, China's Radio and television opened a new chapter in the history of.1975 years of the first color television frequency modulation transmitter, the first high-definition television transmitter in 1998 at the same time, in the civilian field has made China's first 1000kW MW high-power radio transmitter, the first super power shortwave radio transmitter, the first FM transmitter, and made outstanding contributions to the development of China's Radio and television career.

                  All through the system reform established in North Canton Polytron Technologies Inc, the establishment of a modern enterprise system in order to adapt to the requirements of the development of market economy. At present in the broadcasting industry chain, have from wired to wireless, from the studio to the terminal equipment of the full range of products, technology advantage has been expanded, the application of digital technology to track and research strength development. Fast broadcast, TV system design, production and integration are fully strengthened. In recent years, with the rapid development of digital technology, in the radio communication field, is a "digital revolution". In order to meet the arrival of the era of digital technology, a comprehensive challenge to the development of the company, from enhancing independent innovation ability training, technology leaders, high-tech talent reserve, carry out the key, core technology research and development, with the development of digital television we continue to increase investment to develop the number The key technology of digital television, and also successfully develop the digital TV transmitter and digital broadcasting transmitter and receiver, to maintain market competitiveness in the fierce and complex market environment, combined with their own situation, formulate the operation strategy for products and services, the company achieved rapid development.

                  The ability to develop, BBEF science and technology in the field of broadcasting and TV production scale, sales channels have a significantly improved and optimized, comprehensive strength in the leading position in the domestic industry, is currently China's largest radio television equipment manufacturing enterprises, the company products all over the country 32 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government city, and are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, sixteen countries and regions such as radio and television transmitting equipment market share of the nation. BBEF science and technology with a strong strength, was elected in 2007, 2008, "radio and television industry ten national brand" for the first time, and has won the outstanding enterprises of science and Technology Innovation Award. The company passed the ISO9001-2000 quality system certification, and the establishment of CIMS management platform in the enterprise, was awarded the Ministry of science and Technology awarded the "National 863 plan CIMS demonstration enterprise" title; radio and television transmitter products etc. The product has been issued by the State Administration of radio and television, the non - commissioned organizations and other related production certificates, net card, and has repeatedly been identified as "Beijing famous brand products."

                  As the radio and television industry leading enterprises, science and technology innovation and development in time, and don't forget corporate social responsibility, have made outstanding contributions during the Wenchuan earthquake and the Beijing Olympic Games, won the ACFTU issued "relief to rebuild their homes, workers vanguard" banner, and won the electric control system of the "Olympic meritorious advanced organization" the title of.60 years, has made outstanding contributions to the development of science and technology for China BBEF broadcasting and national defense communications. After half a century of development, the North has become a scientific research and production as one of the country's largest, most complete package, the market share of the radio and television equipment R & D, manufacturing the highest, integrated enterprise installation Canton, person is "unity, struggle, innovation, pursuit of" spirit of enterprise, unite as one, strive to develop, implement, ideal industry serve the country with our actions.

                  Beijing North Canton Polytron Technologies Inc commissioned by the company to apply for the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system certification. Through the on-site audit.