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                Beijing triple trust official business to develop commodity after-sales service certification

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                  The Ministry of Commerce to regulate the domestic enterprise customer service service system confusion, customer service service evaluation standard of commercial > < formulate standards promulgated, the state certification third party committee approved the establishment of the basis for evaluation of "customer service service commodity service system" certification. Beijing Sanlian constant letter consultation limited company now officially launched commercial customer service service certification business.

                  What is the after-sales service certification?

                  Commodity after-sales service certification belongs to the category of service certification, is the use of "after sale service evaluation system" (GB/T27922-2011), the service ability of enterprises audit, to evaluate the level of service

                  Why do enterprises do after sale service certification?

                  1, it can improve the service consciousness of enterprise personnel, improve the service ability of personnel, and improve the service level through commodity after-sales certification. Finally, the enterprise benefits can be improved by enhancing customer satisfaction;

                  2, the certificate is issued by the third party certification agency approved by the State Commission for supervision and approval, the credibility of the certificate is more easily recognized by the customer, to achieve the purpose of enterprise publicity;

                  3, the commodity after-sales service certification has now become the threshold of government acceptance, involving large-scale project bidding, government procurement, government quality award selection, etc., ahead of time in the above activities can be taken into account;

                  4, ordinary competitors generally only ISO9001 certificate, can only explain their products

                  The quality is good, but it is difficult to prove their after-sales service is good, get the goods after sale service certificate can better display the ability of the enterprise in the competition

                  The significance of commodity after-sales service certification

                  Through the "after sale service evaluation system" certification enterprises

                  The primary benefit is to establish the service system according to the standard requirements, to formulate a scientific service system, and to rectify the deficiencies in the past according to the standards, so that the service system can be well operated;

                  The second is to restrict the behavior of enterprises certification service, in other words, the certification before, enterprises can do high level service, also can do the general level of service, but through certification, constraint enterprise must achieve a high level, so that the high level of service is to provide customers with the star show. For the evaluation of "customer service service commodity system" certification of enterprises, every year there is a national registered auditor to the supervision and inspection of enterprises, plays a role of external mandatory, and urge enterprises to maintain a high level of service, and continuously improve the requirements.

                  Third - won the "customer service service commodity evaluation system certification enterprises in the product packaging and place in the service service star logo, this logo is the national Ministry of Commerce Authority logo recommended, but also to the service level of enterprises to make the fair, accurate, and reliable evaluation, give customers the most intuitive understanding and trust basis. Through the authentication, it means that in the country and the industry leading service. Through the authentication, is the biggest advantage of brand and reputation.