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                The winter of 2015 -SLHX (Beijing) - highbrow, calling for warmth

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                  "Suddenly, such as spring night, the pear tree open. Snow, rain snow decorated with the whole world, Qiong jade Festival, snow-covered landscape, bright natural color. It is gratifying scene Ruixue harvest.



                  In the winter the most is to live up to the warm winter sun and white snow, all the staff out of the triple Hanson greenhouses in this exciting time, the sun in the winter, the wind snow fight, fight, fight you my passion, embrace this vast world, to write down the pleasant chapter.



                 How bright and natural Snow gleams white., through the clouds and see the spring heart Kuang Shu is really can not say open - a place to dream you create, you help me towards the success of the other side, hoping to climb the peak, build a dream building.