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                "2017 spring Beijing Sanlian Hanson Consulting Co., Ltd. Japan and South Korea cruise tour"

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                  Beijing Sanlian Hengxin Consulting Co., Ltd. held the February 3, 2017 ~2 9 March, 2017, Beijing Sanlian Heng hang Consulting Co., Ltd. spring employee MSC Mediterranean cruise "Lyric" Japan and South Korea 7 day tour

                  In February 3, 2017 the staff happy began a 7 day cruise tour of Japan and South Korea, the significance of this event lies in dreams, free charge. In a surprise encounter; a way of life; a new self, and the perfect interpretation of the humanized management of Beijing Sanlian Hanson Consulting Co. Ltd., established a new enterprise culture. Not only through the whole tourism activities the achievements of employees into collective sense, more to do a good preparation for the day after the working enthusiasm of Beijing Sanlian Hanson consulting limited company all staff.

                  The route choice of tourism is the Tianjin - Fukuoka - Busan - Nagasaki - Tianjin, a cruise is stationed in Chinese lyric on behalf of MSC's "star ship", bring employees the "Mediterranean vacation take on an altogether new aspect of pure experience". The whole trip is the company collective group tour, with a professional team leader and cruise the staff to provide good service to employees, so that employees enjoy a comfortable cruise vacation. Professional manager in every area of the road will advance the basic interpretation of the beautiful scenery of the exotic let employees eyes cannot take, and interest.

                  February 4th employees who ride the Mediterranean cruise Lyric in the sea, everyone in the morning between the blue sky and the sea feeling the sea wet salty sea breeze, fresh air for the big guy's body has injected new vitality into the world's top chefs invited.MSC cruise, Asia's most creative young chef, known as the Chinese dish design masters Liang Zigeng, Chinese cuisine tease lyrical custom employees feel a wonderful taste, enjoy the delicacy of various recreational activities on the ship to allow employees to enjoy the release of youth and vitality, a year of accumulated fatigue and pressure all have been fully released.

                  In February 5th, we look forward to the first cruise tour attractions - Fukuoka station. Fukuoka county is located in Kitakyushu, the ancient name of Bodo, is a boast in Japan in the history of the ancient capital. Because of geographical proximity to Asia and its historical background and was known as the "Asian gate", is Japan's most livable city of Fukuoka. The smile impressed the staff,

                  Modern Fukuoka is a resplendent with variegated coloration will, traffic developed, full of vitality, Kyushu is the political economic and cultural center. During the 9 hour trip, employees feel the Fukuoka shopping, delicacy, entertainment charm, and also feel the rich natural scenery.

                  In February 6th, the second station cruise docked at the port of Busan, Busan geographical location, but is a natural harbor, on its coast there are good beaches and beautiful seaside scenery. Around the staff looked at the city is surrounded by mountains, beautiful scenery of mountains and sea and unique scenery. Let employees as emotion by Busan Han Feng Han Yun.

                  On the morning of February 7th, after a long night of sailing cruise docked at the third station - Nagasaki. Nagasaki is located in the west of Kyushu mainland, and our country is only 800 kilometers away from Shanghai, since ancient times is the bridge of communication China with Japan. Nagasaki is near the blue ocean, and cliffs, breathtaking natural scenery, just 6 hours Sightseeing time. Employees are immersed in Nagasaki's unique natural scenery, we kept each other with the help of a camera, camera, everyone will be happy smile and beautiful scenery frames in the image, after several days of employees stay together morning and night happy, we help each other to take care of children and family members of each other, like an enjoyable the big family.

                  February 8th the end of the trip all the land, the staff take a cruise. Beginning to return at the Beijing triple Hanson Consulting Co. Ltd. Japan Spring cruise staff activities, not only develop the employees' horizons, also further enhance between employees, employees and enterprises to communicate feelings. At the same time between the leadership and employee distance the enterprise personnel, strengthen the cohesion of the organization of the company. As tourism welfare activities, but also cultivate their sentiments, relax the body and mind, from the back of a different self. From this activity, the staff realized that everyone is the master, is the company employees, employees who among them is one family. Hanson Consulting Co. Ltd., Beijing Sanlian employees will use full mental state after put more passion into work, and strive to build our common home, North Building Brilliant future of Beijing Sanlian Consulting Co., Ltd.