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                General steps of enterprise implement ISO9000

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                  Carefully read the ISO9001 standards, you will have such a concept, the ISO9001 standard is very comprehensive, it is normative for all processes in the enterprise from raw material procurement to finished product delivery, involving enterprises from top management to the most grass-roots staff. You may think that such a comprehensive and complicated system it must be very difficult to implement it!

                  Admittedly, the implementation of ISO9000 is difficult, but as long as you sincerely will implement ISO9000 as an important measure to enhance the company's management performance is not just looking, it will be as a long-term development strategy, steady, careful planning in accordance with the company's specific situation, ISO9000 can take root in your results in the company.

                  In brief, the implementation of ISO9000 has five essential processes:

                  The knowledge for legislation - publicizing execution supervision and improvement.

                  You can according to the specific circumstances of your company, the above five processes planning, in accordance with certain implementation steps, guide your company gradually into the ISO9000 world

                  The following is a typical step in the implementation of ISO9000, and it can be seen that these steps completely contain the above five processes:

                  Identification and diagnosis of original quality system in enterprise;

                  Appoint manager representatives and set up ISO9000 implementation organization;

                  Objectives and incentives;

                  Personnel at all levels receive necessary management awareness and quality awareness training;

                  ISO9001 standard knowledge training;

                  Compilation of quality system documents (legislation);

                  The quality system documents are extensively promoted, trained, released and trial run;

                  Internal auditors receive training;

                  Several internal quality system audits;

                  Management review on the basis of internal audit;

                  Improvement and improvement of quality management system;

                  Apply for certification

                  Enterprises in the implementation of ISO9000 before, should be combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, careful planning the implementation steps, the specific arrangements and gives the time and content of the activities, to ensure a more effective implementation effect.

                  After several times of enterprise internal audit and gradually corrected, if the selected standard has been established in accordance with the requirements of the quality management system (the specific embodiment for internal audit nonconformities found less), you can apply for external authentication.