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                Audit problems and points for attention during the ISO9001 certification

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                  Management layer:

                  1. is there a quality manual maintained and maintained?

                  2. is the importance of communicating to customer requirements and regulatory requirements communicated by non aligned organizations?

                  3. has the quality policy been formulated?

                  4. does the quality policy include the following commitments? Meets the requirements and continues to improve?

                  5. does the quality policy provide a target framework?

                  6. is the quality policy advocacy?

                  7. is there a quality goal set up at all relevant functions and levels?

                  8. is the quality objective consistent with the quality policy?

                  9. is the quality objective quantifiable?

                  10. are there any organizational responsibilities?

                  11. are there any designated management representatives and their responsibilities?

                  12. is there communication between quality consciousness, responsibility and system effectiveness?

                  13. is the communication process monitored? Is the effect effective?

                  14. when communication is invalid, whether to take improvement measures?

                  15. do you monitor customer satisfaction?

                  16. whether there is no use of information obtained for analysis and improvement?

                  17. does internal audit exist?

                  18. audit plan arrangement is reasonable?

                  19. audit criteria, scope, frequency method is defined?

                  20. is it objective, just and independent?

                  21., the audit found that the non compliance, whether to take improvement measures?

                  22. is there a track failure improvement?

                  23. do you monitor and summarize the audit process?

                  24. when the target is not achieved, is appropriate measures taken?

                  25. does management review and keep records as required?

                  26. is the review input complete?

                  27. does the review output include resource requirements and improvement resolutions?

                  28. have continuous improvement been planned and implemented?

                  29. do you provide adequate resources?