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                The enterprise do not fake, misuse of ISO9001 certification mark

                Add time:2017-10-13 Browse times:1596second

                  Since the beginning of this year, Taizhou entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau has found up to 24 cases of illegal use of "ISO9001" certification marks in the inspection and supervision of some export goods in the jurisdiction, involving a total amount of $938 thousand and 300

                  Now, the certification mark has been more and more into the public eye, the "ISO9001" certification mark is more and more enterprises for having heard it many times, also begin to pay attention to and use the certification mark for their own "gold". However, the certification mark has its own norms, if the abuse is easy to be self defeating, not only may constitute more invalid illegal behavior.

                  This year, the Taizhou entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau found that as many as 24 illegal use of "ISO9001" certification mark in the case of inspection and supervision part of the area of export goods, involving a total amount of $938 thousand and 300, relates to the main products for the gasoline generator, industrial sewing machine, sprayer, air compressor and so on.

                  For example, counterfeit "ISO9001" certification mark. The actual part of the enterprise without formal certification, has not obtained the certificates, but their products in foreign propaganda to obtain certification. According to the State Quality Inspection Administration issued in 2004 "certification certificate and certification mark management measures > stipulates:" shall not use the product certification and Related words, symbols mislead the public to believe that their service management system through the certification, the illegal behavior constituted the fake certificates.

                  There is a misuse of "ISO9001" certification mark. Although some enterprises have obtained the relevant quality management system certification, but the certification label on the product, or only the certification marks marked on the product packaging.

                  According to the provisions of the measures on the administration of certification certificates and certification marks: "management system certification marks shall be marked on the product, only in the annotated certificate through the relevant management system certification case management system certification marks can be marked in the product packaging. Therefore, the correct way of marking should be noted in the product packing:" a certain organization has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification.