Hierarchy and Positions

Char_Bagh_Palace_by_Eugène_Flandin_330A brief look at the overall structure of government and civil service would help to better place the official responsible for the royal household within it. The Superintendent of the Royal Workshops, Nazir-i Buyutat, is the official responsible for the smooth running of all aspects of the Royal Household including those involved in the procurement, preparation and presentation of food and drinks. His is one of the highest ranks in the government, an Amir of the court. However, the list of the Royal Workshops provided in the book is not complete; many mentioned in the Conclusion are not referred to in the relevant sections. There are checks and balances at every level of the administration to ensure that, apart from the king, authority and power does not reside in one person without accountability.  A parallel structure in the form of financial officers, mirroring the operational side, is in place to check every item received and every penny spent. Vazir of Buyutat keeps an eye on the Nazir while Mustaufis and Mushrifs ensure that the Sahib-jam’s follow the rules.


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