Shirazi Dishes

bahram-feast-2-205Of the most well known dishes from Shiraz one can mention Kalam Polo, cabbage rice, cooked with cabbage and herbs and served with miniature meatballs. Shirin Polo, sweet rice, also known as Shekar polo, sugar rice, is made with saffron, shredded almonds, pistachios and juliennes of orange peel. Tahchin Shirazi, is layered rice with chicken served moulded like a cake, crispy and saffron coloured on the surface and aromatic buttery on the inside. One of the less elaborate daily dishes is Dopiazeh a delicious combination of potatoes and onions. Herb meatballs are another speciality made with par-cooked rice, mince meat, split peas and chopped herbs. Dakpokht is a sticky rice dish with lentils and herbs.

Aash, hearty soups, are well loved and cooked regularly in colder months of the year. In fact, if you are a guest in a Shirazi household you are likely to be offered a herb aash seasoned with fresh lemon juice and served with warm flat bread for breakfast. Pomegranate aash and yogurt aash are among the numerous other varieties of this delicious winter fare.

Salad Shirazi, is a refreshing mix of finely cubed cucumber, tomatoes and onions served with a dressing of fresh lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil and well seasoned with salt and pepper. Faloodeh Shirazi, is a famous desert which is a heavenly combination of vermicelli made from arrowroot with rosewater, white sugar syrup and crushed ice. To this one could add freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice, extracts from aromatic plants or syrup of morello cherries.